My name is Roel Algaba Brizuela and I am a games programmer. I studied for 3 years at ESAT (School of Arts and Technologies) located in Valencia, Spain which is only focused on video game development. The first year I learned how the industry of video games works, along with programming skills and use of third-party graphics engines. During this period I strengthened my passion for creating video games. I didn’t care how difficult the path was as long as I had the knowledge to develop my ideas or those of others.

Then the next two years I continued my studies learning different programming languages and creating different projects in Unity and Unreal Engine 4. I’m grateful for the time I spent at this great school because it gave me the possibility to work at what I love. What they also taught was the wide variety of options there are for entering the industry. You can be a gameplay programmer, sound programmer, game tester, graphic engine development, tool creation in Unity or Unreal, development of a game’s website… But what really caught my attention was the development of graphic engines. Specifically the rendering part. It’s something not everyone can do. If you aren’t truly passionate for videogames and programming, it is a quite tedious task. That’s the main reason I love it so much. It mixes both worlds.

Once I graduated from ESAT, I finished my studies at Sheffield Hallam University. For my dissertation I developed a VR game on Unreal Engine 4 which I really loved working on. I saw the great capabilities that the engine has to offer and would love to learn a lot more. Games in VR are the games for the future.